As a Distributor I take pride in doing the AIM Global business for these reasons: 

AIM Global's Stability & Liquidity -- Real-time On-time Payout on earnings, you can withdraw your income daily or weekly. 

Effective High Quality Products -- products that you cannot get from any drug store, pharmacies or super markets, but are only distributed by its Independent Distributors.  Products that are known to protect you from free radicals, from diseases and illnesses, thus securing good health for you and your love ones.  Many users claimed they are cured from their sickness like cancer from any origin, diabetes, goiter,  etc., news is fast and product movement is fast too.  Turning AIM Global into a BIG company in a short period of time and brought richess to it distributors, as well.  

Tested and Proven Marketing Plan --AIM Global has unmatched marketing plan, high quality products and outstanding services for the global market and received a lot of recognition to back it up.  In ten years of its operation, AIM was able to develop more than a thousand millionaires and counting.  Too good, millionaires are getting younger and younger day by day.

AIM business is a Lifetime Business -- here at AIM the network you build in your lifetime is your estate, you can pass it on to your immediate beneficiaries.

You too, can enjoy all these when you do the business ! 

To date, AIM Global is doing good in Nigeria.  It has made a number of millionaires already and those who have been taking the products are enjoying the health benefits that these products brought to the country.

This is how to join the business in Nigeria.

First, you have to sign up an  Application Form.  Please download application form.

Second, you have to purchase a Global Package worth  36,000 Naira  at the least or you can choose from these packages :

Third, you have to deposit the money -- 36,000Naira--  in any of the affiliated banks below :

Fourth , take a snap shot, scan or picture of your deposit slip, application form and a copy of your ID (w/picture-company id, government issued ID, student ID, driver's license) then send it to my email address -  - for verification purposes.  You keep the original forms, you need those for claiming your Global Package.

Then I will notify our representative in Nigeria regarding your application and he will send your Global Package to your preferred address or if possible you will be instructed to pick it up yourself.  

      Your 36,000Naira Global Package includes the following: 
  • AIM Global Products (a value for money) as seen on packages above.
  • Business Kit or sales kit with DVD Presentation, price list & brochures.
  • Webpage (DTC-Distributor's Tracking Center) your own account in AIM Global's computer system that monitors all your groups' successful sales transactions. 
  • ATM Registration Form to enable you to withdraw your income daily when you start earning.
  • Technology Services - real-time internet based access to your account 24/7. 
       All members enjoy the following benefits:

       Discounts :  Enjoy 25% lifetime discounts on all AIM Global’s Products.

       Global Business : Enjoy the privilege of being an independent distributor and having your own
       Global Business through the AIM Global International Expansion Program.

The test of a company's liquidity is its ability to pay its distributors on time.  AIM Global is a "pro-distributor company" and is very liquid, thus distributor's daily withdrawal on earnings is possible.

Trainings and seminars as scheduled in your country and if accessible by you but if not, trainings are also available online with a click.  You will be added to our FB group account and wechat where you can ask questions regarding our business.  You can do the business online and offline.

Now you can  START doing the business and EARN.

Here are six (6) ways to earn in AIM Global : Click here 



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