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As a Distributor I take pride in doing the AIM Global business for these reasons: 

AIM Global's Stability & Liquidity -- Real-time On-time Payout on earnings, you can withdraw your income daily or weekly. 

Effective High Quality Products -- products that you cannot get from any drug store, pharmacies or super markets, but are only distributed by its Independent Distributors.  Products that are known to protect you from free radicals, from diseases and illnesses, thus securing good health for you and your love ones.  Many users claimed they are cured from their sickness like cancer from any origin, diabetes, goiter,  etc., news is fast and product movement is fast too.  Turning AIM Global into a BIG company in a short period of time and brought richess to it distributors, as well.  

Tested and Proven Marketing Plan --AIM Global has unmatched marketing plan, high quality products and outstanding services for the global market and received a lot of recognition to back it up.  In ten years of its operation, AIM was able to develop more than a thousand millionaires and counting.  Too good, millionaires are getting younger and younger day by day.

AIM business is a Lifetime Business -- here at AIM the network you build in your lifetime is your estate, you can pass it on to your immediate beneficiaries.

You too, can enjoy all these when you do the business ! 

Here's AIM Global's ways to earn:

The Compensation / Marketing Plan

Every member of AIM Global enjoys:

1.  Retail profit of 25% on all products.  A registered member is entitled to a lifetime 25% 
discount on their next reorder/purchase of all the products of AIM Global.
2Direct Sponsoring Bonus 
For every direct referral, you are entitled
to a US$ 11  bonus.

3.  Matching Sales Bonus (MSB)  
The Marketing Structure of AIM Global is Binary and every product has points assign to it. This is how it operates: you will have two sales group, the Left (Group Sales Force) and the Right (Group Sales Force).  You earn 1,200 points every time a new member/distributor joins your group. For every match, one in the left and one in the right making a total of 2,400 points (1,200+1,200), AIM Global would reward you. A matching bonus of US$ 33 .
You earn a matching bonus is three (3) ways.

1. Person to Person Match Bonus Every time a new member/distributor joins the Left Group
Sales Force and one in the Right Group Sales Force. You are entitled of the person-to-person
match bonus of US$ 33 .
2. Person to Product Match Bonus When a new member/distributor joins on one side, and a   group-accumulated product re-order  of 1,200 points on the other side,  you are entitled of the  person-to-product match bonus of US$ 33
3. Product to Product Match Bonus When there is a group-accumulated product re-order of 1,200 points on one side, and a group-accumulated product re-order points of 1,200 on the other side, you are entitled of the  product-to-product match bonus of  US$ 33. This means you can still earn even without a new member.

NOTE: Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. only allows each member to have up to 16 counts/heads or Group matches (8 for the Left Group and 8 for the Right Group) a day. Therefore, maximum daily earnings in this scheme is US$ 33 x 16 = U$528 per account!

Gift Checks.   There is a corresponding P 1,500 for every pair of recruits. The company devised a cycle of gift checks for 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th pairs. Free products rotated per cycle.
4. Unilevel  Bonus  (5%-10% rebates of product sales volume)

You earn 5%- 10% overriding commissions on Group Product Sales applied to all your direct referrals up to  the 10th level. You earn 10% overriding commissions  from your direct referrals and 5% from indirect referrals. Distributors are guaranteed to earn overriding commissions in all 10 levels based on Product Sales Volume.

» Dynamic Compression. This refers to the unilevel sales. What will be included in your 1st to 10th unilevel sales are only those downlines who are making a repurchase for that month. For example, if your 10th downline has no repurchase for this current month, and the 11th downline has a repurchase, then the latter will take the place of former.

5. Stair Step Plan or Overriding Commission 

Just like in a traditional workplace, with Alliance in Motion Global, you will also get promoted.  What’s good about this, is you will not do it alone.  Your promotion will depend on product movement or group sales points called Positional Points.  When you become a member, you are a
Distributor with zero positional points.  As you do the business and continue to use or sell the products and at the same  time invite people in your group you qualify for a promotion.

Silver Executive (SE) – When your group accumulates 10 Positional points you are automatically promoted as SE, and will enjoy additional 10% overriding commission on group product sales from your first level to infinity.

Gold Executive (GE) – When your group accumulates 100 Positional points you are automatically promoted as GE, and will enjoy additional 20% overriding commission on group product sales from first level to infinity level.

Global Ambassador (GA) – When your group accumulates 1,000 Positional points you are automatically promoted as GA, and will have additional 30% commission on group product sales from first level to infinity level. 

That is your overriding commission.  With this, you will earn 10, 20, 30 additional percentages from the sales of your whole organization from the first level up to infinity.  Aside from the unilevel bonusmatch sales bonusdirect referral and outright discounts.  You do not have to choose between the steps on ways to earn.  If you are in, you can have them all.  Our system will process and generate it for you and will reflect all these benefits on your webpage when you log in. 

» No Quota. There is no quota to maintain per month or per year.

» No Time-Frame. You are given time freedom in doing your business.

» No Demotion. Since there is no quota, then there is no demotion of rank in the stair step. Thus, if you're current rank is Gold Executive, no way you will be reverted back as plain Distributor .

» No Pass Up. Let us say hypothetically, you and your immediate 2nd up to 4th downline are not doing the business and someone at your 5th level downline had managed to elevate himself to Silver Executive (SE), then to Gold Executive (GE), then finally to Global Ambassador (GA) in just a year by attaining the 10, 100, 1000 Global Packages for SE, GE, and GA, respectively. As he is elevated to a new rank, so does everyone above him.  Aside from being elevated, everyone above him is entitled to a small percentage of his total group product sales volume, with the GA earning as much as 2%. This is the very reason why in three years, AIM Global has  produced 80 millionaires. 

Friends and acquaintances who joined the business and worked with dedication and determination after more or less a year are now earning doubled, tripled and even ten to fifty times more than what they earned previously.  Some are earning US$1,000 to US$ 2,000 or more per week or per month, a way far from their previous salary when they were still employed. Some were able to buy their own houses in cash, own cars, visit places , etc. They were able to achieve those in less than a year depending on how fast they can do the business. Whats best is! their earnings increases month after month.  Those who are in business five , six , seven years ago are now top earners and continuous to earn while they sleep. Some are earning  almost a million a month, own more cars, big houses, and many more. They are living a different life now. 

You too can achieve what you desire in life through the AIM Global Business in a short period of time. It's Marketing Plan is design to make you RICH ! Thanks to its owners. AIM Global Inc. is a generous company ! making it to the top, as  No. 1 Top Direct Selling Company in the World -- turning ordinary people to extraordinary millionaires.

A pro-distributor company so awesome and amazing !!!

Here's more.
    -- 2% of breakaway Group Product Sales
When you are promoted as Global Ambassador,
you enjoy 2% royalty income base on group 
product sales from all Global Ambassadors 
under your group up to the 5th level.

Global Ambassador (GA) with 2,000  points with 1st level GA who also has 2,000 points, 2nd level with 3 level 1GA, and the 3rd level with 5 level 1GA, you will enjoy a 2% profit sharing income based on the company’s sales within that a year.

You will have the opportunity to travel outside the country all expenses paid by the company as an appreciation for your efforts.

Your account will be transferred to your immediate beneficiary if in case emergencies happen to you.

----------------------------0000 ------------------------

For the last ten (10) years, AIM Global was able to make nearly a thousand ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires.  It has stand the test of times and is a recipient of many awards.
                " Most Outstanding Herbal Capsule Supplement"
                "Most Outstanding Food Supplement " 
                "Asia's Most Outstanding Neutra Ceutical Food Supplement"
                "Top Direct Selling Compensation Plan In the World 2015"
                "Top Direct Selling Company in the World 2015-2016 " 
                       and a lot more recognition and awards --  see more here 

It's PRODUCTS are now recognized and included by the Philippine Pharmaceutical Directory

 You will be a proud   DISTRIBUTOR   in this one of a kind company ! 

AIM GLOBAL open doors of opportunity and prosperity in empowering its distributors to achieve financial independence and economic stability. Has help ordinary people achieve their dreams, have financial freedom and a balance life.
AIM Global has unmatched marketing plan, high quality products and outstanding services for the global market and received a lot of recognition to back it up.
What can be better than that !

What are you waiting for ?   Be a DISTRIBUTOR...


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