I am an Independent Distributor of AIM Global Incorporated.  I created this blog to spread and disseminate this global opportunity designed for prosperity to achieve financial independence and economic stability by maximizing the wealth of the market thru its breakthrough products and services. 

As a Distributor I take pride in doing the AIM Global business for these reasons: 

AIM Global's Stability & Liquidity -- Real-time On-time Payout on earnings, you can withdraw your income daily or weekly. 

Effective High Quality Products -- products that you cannot get from any drug store, pharmacies or super markets, but are only distributed by its Independent Distributors.  Products that are known to protect you from free radicals, from diseases and illnesses, thus securing good health for you and your love ones.  Many users claimed they are cured from their sickness like cancer from any origin, diabetes, goiter,  etc., news is fast and product movement is fast too.  Turning AIM Global into a BIG company in a short period of time and brought richess to it distributors, as well.  

Tested and Proven Marketing Plan --AIM Global has unmatched marketing plan, high quality products and outstanding services for the global market and received a lot of recognition to back it up.  In ten years of its operation, AIM was able to develop more than a thousand millionaires and counting.  Too good, millionaires are getting younger and younger day by day.

AIM business is a Lifetime Business -- here at AIM the network you build in your lifetime is your estate, you can pass it on to your immediate beneficiaries.

The company's support to its distributors is never ending.  There is continuous learning online and offline.

You too, can enjoy all these when you do the business ! 

Way back sometime in 2012, I was hospitalized due to high blood pressure, hyperuricemia and hyperglycemia. A family friend convinced me to take C24/7 and Choleduz, as he said I will recover in no time.  He claimed he was cured from his ailment by taking the product.  True enough,  in less than a week I regain my health.  Since then, I have a daily dose of C24/7 and Choleduz.

Then on, I shared the products to friends who have health issues. They felt better and even claimed they were healed from their sickness.  My personal experience, a mother of my aunt's neighbor was cured from Leukemia after taking C24/7 for almost six months.  A friend's client who was scheduled for angioplasty procedure due to plaques on his arteries was cancelled, why ? because the plaques were gone ! as seen on his angiogram result.  He followed our advised to take 2capsules 3times a day of Choleduz and C24/7  days prior to the procedure.  Awesome indeed !     
Friends and acquaintances who joined the business and worked with dedication and determination after more or less a year are now earning doubled, tripled and even ten to fifty times more than what they earned previously.  Some are earning US$1,000 to US$ 2,000 or more per week or per month, a way far from their previous salary when they were still employed. Some were able to buy their own houses in cash, own cars, visit places , etc. They were able to achieve those in less than a year depending on how fast they can do the business. Whats best is! their earnings increases month after month.  Those who are in business five , six , seven years ago are now top earners and continuous to earn while they sleep. Some are earning  almost a million a month, own more cars, big houses, and many more. They are living a different life now. 

You too can achieve what you desire in life through the AIM Global Business.  It's Marketing Plan is design to make you RICH !  AIM Global Inc. is a generous company, making it to the top as  No. 1 Top Direct Selling Company in the World -- turning ordinary people to extraordinary millionaires.
A pro-distributor company so awesome and amazing !!!

You can be HEALTHY and WEALTHY the AIM way !

After four years as user, I decided to share the wealth behind these wonderful products. I trust that the company will stay for a long time in the business.  AIM was able to fulfill its promise.  Since the owners are experienced networkers, they know what it takes to build a network. Distributors are working their heart out to form a solid team.  Also to consider are their products,  C24/7, Complete, Restorlyf , Choleduz and more, manufactured by Nature's Way, USA that heals cancer from any origin, restores and regenerate cells. I am positive that AIM Global will always have a market share in the Food Supplement Industry  !  

What are you waiting for, try our products and be a member now !    

This is Jos Reve of team TGX  Alliance. Reach me at 63.926.908.8117  
or send email to

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