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Alliance In Motion Global also known as AIM Global is a network marketing
company based in the Philippines  with international partners:  Nature's Way USA, Weider USA, DSM Switzerland and AMS Life Science Japan.  These manufacturing companies deliver high quality health and wellness products exclusively distributed by AIM Global.  Now AIM is going global, it distributes highly effective, value for money, unique one of a kind products that you cannot get from any drug store, pharmacies or super markets, but are only distributed by its Independent Distributors.  Products that are known to protect you from free radicals, from diseases and illnesses, thus securing good health for you and your love ones.  Many users claimed they are cured from their sickness like cancer from any origin, diabetes, goiter,  etc., news is fast and product movement is fast too.  Turning AIM Global into a BIG company in so short a time and brought richess to it distributors, as well.

What makes AIM Global successful ?

AIM Global is successful because of product quality, revolutionary and effective.   But most of all because of its "pro-distributor marketing plan".  The owners are networkers themselves, they know how it works and what it takes to build a network.  Thus, they were able to come up with a hybrid marketing plan, as we call it.  Workable to dreamers, determined and dedicated distributors.  In just ten years of operation,  it produces more than a thousand millionaires, and it continues to grow day by day.

If you want to OWN A BUSINESS to HAVE REAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM, try the AIM Global business.  We are expanding our Network in Africa and now with offices in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Togo, Kenya, Ivory coast, Tanzania, Cameroon and soon all over the African continent.  

To know more about the business :

"The lazy man hopes but his desires are in vain whereas hardworkers have their desires fulfilled". -  Proverbs 13:4

AIM Global's headquarters in the Philippines and some on-going developments around the country. 

A sneak peek of AIM Global's Manufacturing Site -for Beverages- in Bulacan, Philippines

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